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Detco-101 Tree Planter

Detco-303 Tree Planter

202 planter with optional 2nd seat


Gentle Touch™ Tree Spades

Manufactured by a grower for many years of dependable service.

Standard Features
Optional Features
Adjustable legs, choice of blades, choice of mounting bracket, hydraulic hookup
Rear stabilizer, low profile cylinders, 3 point mast, work station bracket, Tree Tongs

GT-28 on 6675 John Deere


Available in 18, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, & 44" models that fit any skid loader. 3 pt models for tractors, adapts for loader mounting, rugged frame construction. Gate opens fully for easy positioning of stock. Our tree spades have been prooven in years of field conditions on all soils. Sold complete with no hidden costs! Ask about basket and burlap discounts. Satisfaction always guaranteed!

Our Gentle Touch™ Tree Spades feature high carbon steel blades that reduce wear, stay sharper longer, and allow better basket filling, less crimping and fuller balls.. The beveled shaped blades help keep shape intact.

Adjustable ball sizes:

Size in inches Dig depth in inches
18 14-18
20 16-20
24 16-24
28 20-30
36 28-36
44 36-44


Heavy Duty Travel Posts with Adjustable Slides offer

low maintenance
uniform ball
minimizes digging time
fine tune digging
will not "knuckle" spades