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Detco-101 Tree Planter

Detco-303 Tree Planter

202 planter with optional 2nd seat


All Planters sold satisfaction guaranteed. You must be completely satisfied of we will buy it back! Manufactured by people who have planted trees for over 50 years. Not just welders slapping something together.

Compare our features and you will see why we are the only manufacturer to offer this ironclad guarantee!

Detco-101 Tree Planter

Detco 101 Tree Planter (Pictured above)

  • one and two row models with rugged tandem hitch
  • heavy duty construction proven over 50 years of service
  • plants seedlings or transplants up to 20" straight with roots spread evenly
  • competitively priced compared to larger, bulkier planters
  • economical and lightweight, requires 20 - 60 hp tractor w/category 1 hitch
  • largest tray in the industry, holds ample supply of planting stock for long rounds
  • rugged and dependable for any surface or planting application
  • 2 - 16" hard rubber packing wheels pack trench firmly leaving no air pockets
  • flex point so packing wheels float with terrain and cushions planter for firm pack
  • unique planting shoe placement allows planter to return to planting depth quickly
  • planting shoe and furrow opener are easily replaceable
  • low maintenance coulter and packing wheels
  • built by professional welders by people who plant trees
  • optional gauge wheels to control planter depth and tree spacing
  • herbicide banding sprayer, seedling tray extension, & scalper accessories available
  • parts readily available shipped UPS or air freight