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Detco-101 Tree Planter

Detco-303 Tree Planter

202 planter with optional 2nd seat



Over 70 years in the tree business. 3 models to plant stock from 3" to 5'. Our crews have planted over 5 million trees. You must be completely satisfied or we will buy your planter back.



Compare our features --

  • Numerous options to complete your job.
  • One of the largest seedling trays in the business.
  • One of the quickest return to planting depth.
  • Hard rubber tires, not pneumatic tires.
  • Fast maintenance and replacement of wear points.
  • Minimal horsepower requirements.

-- you will see why we are the only manufacturer to offer this ironclad guarantee!

Planters available for immediate shipping or pickup from or shop in Plainfield, WI.

Choose the planter that best suits your needs at Detco Division - Detlor Tree Farms, Plainfield WI.